Who Am I….Why I Do What I Do…And All Other Mysteries of OCQpon finally Explained!!!
I am SOOOO thrilled to have each and every one of you as a member in my group!!! I wanted to take a few moments to explain to y’all Why I’m Here!
I’m not in this to get rich, or even to make money (if I were, I’d definitely given up by now LOL)!
I began Qpon’ing a lil over 2 years ago. At first, I was terrible at it! But one day, it just cLiCkEd in my head and I finally gOt iT!
At first, I started Qpon’ing for items my family of 4 needed, with what inserts I collected from family and friends and online printing.
Then one fall Friday afternoon, I was standing in line at the grocery store checkout, my buggy overflowing with items, knowing my total would be under $10! The man in front of me had no more items than he could hold in his arms. He put his groceries down and the cashier rang him up. All I know, is the look on that man’s face when the cashier told him the total, his entire face and body just deflated. And he began trying to decide what he was putting back, because he could not afford the few items he had. And mind you, these were grocery staples this man was trying to purchase, bread, produce, sandwich meat, etc.
I never spoke one word, I just reached into my purse, got some cash and handed it to the cashier. The man was so very humble and grateful!!
It was at that VERY moment when I realized, I can not purchase groceries for every incapable, yet deserving person!! But I can use my Qpon’ing talent to help this man and many many more just like him!!
Today, I Qpon not only to benefit my family, but more so to donate! I am VERY particular about which organizations I donate my items to! I will research the organization and even interview them if necessary! I want to know that all my efforts are going to the benefit of that deserving man and/or woman and their children!
So, why am I here…Doing what I’m doing now….
Well, I knew I wanted to do more and more! I began buying inserts online, so that I would be able to have more Qpons and thus donate more items! It got to a point where I had to take a step back and evaluate whether or not I was actually acquiring the items I was donating, for free or at what cost!! I realized I was no longer doing this at a Free To Me cost!
Being who I am, I had to find a way to get it all back on track!! You see, I tend to have an OCD personality! And I just could not let it go!
This is when I had to decide between… Going Big, or Going Home!!! I decided…. GO BIG!
OCQpon = Obsessive Compulsive Qpon’ing
I am currently in the process of completing my website, blog and linking it all together with Facebook and my other social media accounts. Having formed this group, I’ve been able to not only start buying inserts again, but buy in large bulk quantities, now donating more items to those that are truly in need, than I ever imagined possible! Because the cost I acquire by obtaining so many inserts each week, is absorbed by you all!! I pass along enough Qpons to y’all in this group, just enough to make my money back that I put into purchasing them, so that I can continue helping those that need it!
I don’t plan to stop here! I can only do so much for so many. But, I can teach Oh So Many More to do for themselves!!
My next plan of attack, is to work with the organizations I currently donate to, teaching those in need to Qpon and also initially supplying them with Qpons necessary to get them off and running!
If I can do it….I know others can too!!!

9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I read your statement above and I thank you for being such a generous person. I am interested in purchasing from you. Do you ship to Winterville, NC?


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